Program Activities

Field trips are not only an invaluable way for students to learn outside the classroom, but they're fun too!

We may occasionally schedule field trips for children ages 5 (who completed kindergarten) to 12 years of age to pursue educational or recreational opportunities in the community.

Field trips are an essential part of the summer curriculum and participation is not optional.

For your child to participate, you will need to complete and sign a field trip permission slip for each event. Children must also exhibit appropriate behavior on the Sunrise shuttle bus at  all times. Good behavior while entering, riding, and leaving the bus contributes to safe transportation, allowing the driver to give full attention to the safe operation of the vehicle.

Our teachers and drivers will instruct children on expected bus behavior and safety procedures. You child’s bus riding responsibilites include:

  • To get on and off the vehicle in an orderly manner.
  • To wait until the vehicle comes to a complete stop before attempting to get on or off.
  • To cross in front of the vehicle, and never behind it.
  • To enter and leave the vehicle at the front door only.
  • To sit down promptly after getting on the vehicle.
  • Not to hold a seat for anyone.
  • To obey the rules and regulations and reasonable requests of the driver at all times.
  • Not to move out of seat while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Not to make any unnecessary noise at any time such as yelling, screaming, playing instruments, etc.
  • Not to throw paper, pencils, etc. while on the vehicle (put trash in box)
  • Not to take drink bottles, cans, food, etc. on the vehicle.
  • Not to abuse the vehicle by cutting or marking on the seats and walls. Payment for damages will be required.
  • Not to use profanity and ugly gestures such as birdies while on the vehicle.
  • Not to fight, scuffle, or hit another student while on the vehicle.
  • Not to extend head, arms, legs, etc. out of the vehicle windows.
  • Not to smoke or strike matches (or cigarette lighters) on the vehicle.
  • Not to tamper with the emergency door or any other part of the vehicle or equipment.

Because each child is unique, we ask that you carefully assess your child’s physical and developmental ability to safely participate in the field trip activity.

Parents are not allowed to drop off or pick up children at field trips. Children must be present 30 minutes prior to departing for field trips. Attendance on field trips is required, or the child(ren) may not attend school for the day.