What makes Sunrise Preschools facilities first-rate environments for my child?

Our schools are carefully designed to provide the optimum experience for your child. Our classrooms and playgrounds are designed to facilitate peer interaction and learning. All classrooms are enclosed to provide a home like atmosphere where children can develop essential relationships within small group settings.

What makes Sunrise learning programs unique and beneficial for my child?

Sunrise utilizes a curriculum designed specifically for each child’s age. You will find classrooms that encourage the development of the whole child, incorporating fun and exciting activities while challenging the children with fundamental educational tools essential for Kindergarten readiness.

What qualifications, training and education do you require for your teachers?

All teachers meet or exceed the state of Arizona requirements for preschool staff. All of our teachers at Sunrise are registered members of Arizona’s Child Care Education and Early Education Training Registry. Many Sunrise teachers have Early Childhood Education certificates or degrees or are pursuing college degrees through the Arizona TEACH program for early childhood educators. Sunrise also provides continuing education through Sunrise University, our own specialized training program for teachers. All Sunrise staff members are First-Aid and CPR certified.

How does Sunrise communicate with parents?

Sunrise understands the importance of creating a partnership with the families we serve. To have a successful partnership means open communication between center, staff and families. Sunrise staff makes every effort to keep families informed, using several methods that include daily verbal communication and written reports, parent newsletters, meal menus and lesson plans. Sunrise Preschools also offer written report cards and parent-teacher conferences twice a year to review your child’s developmental progress.

When can I observe or visit my child at Sunrise?

Sunrise Preschools has an open-door policy so you may visit your child at any time. Each Sunrise has a closed-circuit television system that allows directors, staff and parents the opportunity to observe children in their classroom setting without disrupting the classroom. This allows us to target needs and on-going assessments as well as offering security and parental peace of mind. Because we protect the privacy of all children, video can only be viewed on school premises with the school director, and cannot be downloaded or recorded. Sunrise does not store classroom video footage long term.

What enrichment programs does Sunrise offer?

Each Sunrise location offers enrichment programs specific to the children’s and families preferences. Typical programs may include gymnastics, dance, Spanish classes, music and computers. During the summer and on school breaks, Sunrise enriches our learning program with guest speakers, exciting field trips and swimming lessons for 5 to 12 year olds.