Program Activities

Birthdays are a huge deal, especially when you've only had a few of them in your entire life! Who wouldn't want to celebrate this special occasion with friends?

If you'd like to celebrate with your child and their class, you're more than welcome!  At Sunrise Preschools, we appreciate the gift of your presence and we know your child will too.


If you would like to bring in special treats for the celebration, please be sure to bring enough for everyone in your child’s classroom.

All food items must be commercially prepared. Birthday cake or cupcakes are the traditional favorite, but you might also consider more nutritional treats and snacks.

A  few ideas you might consider:

  • 1” cubed Fresh fruit and dip
  • 1” cubed Fresh vegetables and dip (for older children only;
    crisp vegetables can be a choking hazard for young children)
  • Muffins
  • Small party favors (such as stickers) are a nice treat for the children

Sunrise Preschools are “NUT FREE” to protect children with severe allergies. Please make sure you discuss your plans and schedule in advance with your Director.

If you would like to take pictures of your child’s Birthday celebration, please make arrangements with your Director in advance.