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We understand the search for Phoenix AZ child care can be a challenging undertaking as you explore the many options that are available for your child. You want the finest environment available for your children to develop and grow. It is our belief that child care must be more than just a place to leave your child while you go to about task of earning for your family. At Sunrise Preschools of Arizona, children are inspired to develop at their own pace in a loving, nurturing environment that is facilitated by a team of dedicated, highly trained teachers and staff. Sunrise Preschools uses the nationally renowned Creative Curriculum in all classrooms. The Creative Curriculum child care and preschool programs enhance each child's social, emotional, intellectual and physical development, providing a solid foundation for a lifelong love of sustained learning.


  • Our focus is on the interests of each individual child
  • We support all of our families and acknowledge that the family is a child’s first and most important teacher
  • We will always provide your children with the best quality of care
  • We listen and respond to concerns or questions from our families
  • We will provide all children with a developmentally appropriate environment that promotes learning
  • We continue to set the standard for excellence in childhood early education and care in the greater Phoenix area
  • We are fully committed to you and your children in all their developmental needs

Our teachers consistantly implement the best child development practices. Our teachers nurturing your infant during their first year of rapid brain development and physical growth, and continue through providing innovative, stimulating experiences that challenge preschoolers and school age children.

Sunrise Preschools utilizes the nationally recognized The Creative Curriculum which is based on the research of child development experts over the past 75 years. This research shows that all children benefit from developmentally appropriate practices. Our well trained childcare professionals, teachers and staff follow these established practices in every program for all ages. The learning opportunities are made available to children by using activities and materials in eight developmentally appropriate learning centers. This allows each child to be excited and motivated by learning and to experiences success early and often.

As a parent, what can you expect when you enroll your child at Sunrise Preschools of Arizona?

  • Learning and play experiences that are age-appropriate for your child. The Creative Curriculum contains age-specific activities that promote creativity, exploration, family involvement, and the ongoing development of the whole child. Your child’s daily experiences capture and support the learning of important skills and concepts that children need to achieve continued success.
  • Fun, inspiring and meaningful learning activities. As your child matures and advances to the next classroom, he or she will always encounter a higher level of learning that challenges growth in his or her abilities while allowing your child to still have fun! Skills range from infants acquiring basic communication, to learning basic colors with younger children, to exploring writing,  math concepts and reading readiness with pre-school children.
  • Accurate information and feedback about what your child is learning and how they are progressing.  Sunrise Preschools provides written Daily Reports and twice a year Progress Report Cards to keep you up-to-date on how your child is developing and what he or she is learning at school. Language development, writing, math concepts, logical thinking, dramatic play and problem solving are just a few of the leaps in learning that  your child will enjoy making.  When your child tells you about  what he or she is learning at school, you'll be amazed to discover how much your child is learning at Sunrise Preschools!
  • Teachers and staff that are committed to learning new and better methods to inspire your child’s growth and development.  Sunrise University provides continuous training on the best early education practices for teaching young children. All staff members and teachers receive a minimum of 18 hours (150% of the State of Arizona’s requirements) in specialized training each year.
  • Programs and activities that specifically target achievement levels for “school readiness” and prepare children for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

Every person at Sunrise Preschools is committed to supporting your family to raise happy, healthy and secure children that will succeed in school and in life. Drop by any one of the eight Sunrise Preschools located right here in the Valley of the Sun and see for yourself.

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