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There are can be an overwhelming amount of options when it comes to choosing the best Mesa AZ daycare for your child. Sunrise Preschools is here to help. This Arizona-based company offers the best quality of care for Arizona children. Established in 1982, Sunrise Preschools has grown to include 18 facilities across the greater Phoenix area. All of the 18 Sunrise Preschools that have been established in the past 28 years are the first choice for high quality comprehensive childcare at reasonable prices. The Mesa AZ daycare that is owned and operated by Sunrise Preschools is no exception. This modern facility is devoted to the dedication to excellence that characterizes Sunrise Preschools.

As with all Sunrise Preschools locations, the Sunrise Mesa AZ daycare center utilizes The Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum is the result of the compilation of 75 years of education research that reveals that children learn best when provided with tailored learning programs that meet their unique needs. The Creative Curriculum is nationally acclaimed for its ability to create impressive results when it comes to the school-readiness of each child who uses it. Children who are taught by teachers who use this curriculum are a step ahead of their peers. The Sunrise Mesa AZ daycare is excited to see the same impressive results.

The Sunrise Preschools in Mesa has a long term staff of teachers that is led by Director Lisa Schlachter, who is an 11 year Sunrise Preschools veteran. The Assistant Director of this Mesa AZ daycare facility, Deborah Clark, has been serving Sunrise Preschools for 3 years. Ms. Maria, who provides nurturing and comprehensive care to the infants and toddlers at this Sunrise Preschools location, has served the children of the Mesa community for 3 years. The inclusion teacher at this Sunrise Mesa AZ daycare facility, Ms. Jolene, has served Sunrise Preschools for 11 years. This long term staff is very successful at creating a learning environment that is encouraging, stimulating, safe, and clean.

The Sunrise Preschools in Mesa is proud to serve infants starting as young as six weeks as well as , toddlers, and toilet trainers. Children of preschool and prekindergarten level form the heart of our instructional and social programs. School age children up to the age of 12 are welcome at this Sunrise Mesa AZ daycare center. Sunrise Preschools runs and an outstanding before and after school program and Summer Camp.

Sunrise Preschools - Mesa
Lindsay and Main
102 N. Lindsay
Mesa, AZ 85213

Director: Lisa Schlachter
Phone: (480) 830-5500
Email: sun134@sunrisepreschools.com
Hours: 6:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Safe Certified Mini-School Buses are used to transport the children under the care of this Sunrise Mesa AZ daycare to and from the following elementary schools: Entz, Field, Hale, Highland, Irving , Johnson and O'Connor.

Because safety is the top priority at each Sunrise Preschools facility, code-key access doors and closed circuit television are required at each Sunrise Preschools location. All Sunrise teachers are trained and certified in CPR and First Aid. Certified Mini-School Buses are used instead of vans to transport children.

The dedicated staff of teachers at this Sunrise Mesa AZ daycare center would be proud to give you a guided tour of their exceptional facility. Please contact Director Lisa Schlachter to set up your tour.

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