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Searching for a Chandler AZ Preschool?

Finding a Chandler AZ preschool can be a difficult and stressful venture. You need not worry any longer because Sunrise Preschools is the answer. A Chandler AZ preschool that offers high quality care and education for young children is hard to come by. This is why Sunrise Preschools is proud of its reputation for having the best Chandler AZ preschool. Sunrise Preschools is an Arizona company that was founded in 1982 and has served generations of Arizona families. It is dedicated to raising the bar for early childhood care and education. All 18 conveniently located Sunrise Preschools facilities are clean and safe, and have classrooms that stimulate learning and creativity. The Sunrise Chandler AZ preschool exhibits these high standards and is dedicated to fostering fertile academic environments in which children feel safe and discover how much FUN learning can be. As with the other 18 Sunrise Preschools locations, the Chandler AZ preschool that is owned and operated by Sunrise Preschools offers exceptional care at exceptional prices.

Sunrise Preschools is dedicated to providing excellent care and educational opportunities to young children. This dedication is exhibited by the fact that all of the 18 Sunrise locations, including the Chandler AZ preschool, choose to use The Creative Curriculum to guide the educational development of the children under their care. The Creative Curriculum is a nationally renowned curriculum that is supported by 75 years of research on early education. This research indicates that children learn best when personalized academic programs are created based upon each child’s individual interests, talents, and developmental levels. Each Sunrise Preschools location closely adheres to the components of The Creative Curriculum and subsequently, the children of Sunrise Preschools are further ahead in their academic development. The Chandler AZ preschool that is owned and operated by Sunrise Preschools also exhibits these excellent results.

All teachers that serve the children of Sunrise Preschools are highly trained experts when it comes to early childhood care and education. The members of the team of long term teachers that make up the staff at the Sunrise Chandler AZ preschool are no exception. Director Wendy Capper has led this team of professionals for 5 years. This team includes long term teachers such as Ms Nanda, who has spent 23 years guiding the development of preschoolers in order to ensure their success in kindergarten and beyond. The other members of this team that have served the Sunrise Chandler AZ preschool include: Ms, Kathy (23 years of service), Ms. Andrea (19 years of service), Ms. Ramona (17 years of service), Ms Cynthia (14 years of service), and Ms Patricia (8 years of service). The members of this outstanding staff at the Sunrise Chandler AZ preschool are professionals at creating safe and clean environments that encourage the educational, social, and emotional development of the children under their care.

Sunrise Preschools - Chandler
Elliot and Alma School
1114 W. Elliot Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85224

Director: Wendy Capper
Phone: (480) 899-8661
Email: sun139@sunrisepreschools.com
Hours: 6:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Ages served: 6 weeks to 12 years

The children at the Chandler AZ preschool are safely transported to and from the following elementary schools: Frost, Sirrine, Pomeroy and Crismon. The children are transported in Mini School-Buses as opposed to vans, which are not as safe as buses.

Every Sunrise Preschools facility is dedicated to the safety of each child under their care and takes great precautions to ensure this safety. In addition to Certified Mini-School Buses, Sunrise Preschools equips each of their facilities with code-key access doors and closed circuit TV in each of their classrooms. Each staff member is also certified in CPR and First Aid.

The staff at the Sunrise Chandler AZ preschool facility would love to provide you with a guided tour of their facility. They are confident that their facility would be perfect for your child. Please contact Director Wendy Capper to learn about the exceptional care that the Sunrise Chandler AZ preschool has to offer.

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Chandler AZ Preschool