Winter Break Camp

Sunrise Preschools' Winter Weather Science Camp combines fun and educational activities to explore the magic behind winter weather!

Unlock the Wonders of Winter Weather!

Join us to embark on an exciting learning adventure during our Winter Break! In addition to festive winter fun all month long, our Young Achievers will embark on an engaging adventure to unravel the science behind winter phenomena like snowstorms, frost, and freezing rain. Our Winter Weather Science Camp blends hands-on experiments and interactive activities to kindle a passion for meteorology and science.

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Learn the importance of grasping winter weather and essential safety measures to navigate the chilly season.

Dive into the delicate beauty of snowflakes, understanding their unique responses to temperature and humidity. Witness real snowflakes and craft your own paper versions, revealing the symmetrical wonders of nature.

Delve into the dynamics of winter storms and blizzards. Experience the thrill of a mini-blizzard simulation and discuss their impact on communities and transportation.

Decode the mysteries of frost and hoarfrost formation, influenced by temperature and dew point. Collect samples and examine frost crystals under a microscope.

Understand wind chill and its effects on the human body. Explore winter clothing and layering, followed by a hands-on wind chill calculation experiment.

Investigate the freezing process of water and the formation of ice crystals. Create homemade ice cream using salt and ice, unraveling the science behind freezing and melting.

Gain insights into weather forecasting and the art of predicting winter weather. Make your own weather forecasts using data from mini weather stations, comparing predictions with actual conditions.

Freeze Out Bullying!

Unfortunately, teasing and bullying can affect young students. Our camp places a strong emphasis on building emotional intelligence and empathy, providing campers with tools to prevent teasing and bullying. Through interactive workshops, role-play, and discussions, we foster a culture of kindness, respect, and inclusion.