Toddler Program (12 Months- 24 Months)

As a toddler at Sunrise Preschools, your child will receive:

• Individualized educational development activities to promote social and emotional growth.
• Developmentally appropriate lessons that introduce free exploration of our eight learning centers.
• Loving guidance and patience as toddlers begin their understanding of socially appropriate behavior in a safe environment.
• Assistance with potty training, promoting your toddler's independence.
• A detailed daily report via our Sunrise Cares app, twice yearly in-depth  progress reports, and parent-teacher conferences, so you know how your child is progressing in relation to developmental milestones.

Your toddler's  health, happiness and well being is our primary responsibility.

Our caregivers are educated to provide for every stage of your toddler's development through  encouraging language acquisition, social-emotional development and cognitive growth.