Summer Camp (School Age)

Sunrise Preschool’s Adventure Summer Camp is designed with fun and educational activities that will keep your child learning, exploring, and physically active during the summer months. Our STEAM-focused curriculum incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, and is designed to inspire curiosity and creative problem-solving.

Designed to provide a fun and exciting environment — while continuing to help them explore and discover the world around them — our kid's day camp provides your child the opportunity to participate in different weekly themes chock-full of engaging activities, educational field trips, and creative projects they get to do with their friends.

This summer, our theme is Adventure Summer Camp: EPIC!

Hurry... summer camp spots are filling up fast!




The outdoors can be an awesome place to live and to learn! This week campers will take an EPIC adventure and learn about living off the grid, hunting for your food, and surviving in the wild.



During this week of adventure, campers will investigate all of the EPIC things that live under the surface of the sea and unlock the mysteries of the deep oceans. From learning about exotic inhabitants of the seas, to the science behind submersibles, and even creating 3-D models; exploring the water’s depth has never been more fun!



Looking up at the night sky, it is natural to be curious and want to know more about the endless expanse that is our universe! During this exploration, campers will be turning their eyes upwards and discovering the EPIC unknown...






This week campers will be traveling somewhere they have never been before! Visit EPIC destinations around the world, unearth treasures buried for centuries, and learn about mysteries long forgotten! The world opens up to endless possibilities as children explore through scientific investigations, art processes, and physical activities.



Food, feuds, and EPIC concoctions await campers during this delicious week of fun! Discover new tastes, create exciting recipes, and learn about where some of our favorite snacks originate.



Get inspired by learning about some of history's EPIC athletes, the Greatest of All Time! Campers will have the opportunity to put their skills to the test with a super fun mini-olympics. Campers will also learn about what motivates some of the greatest athletes and ways they can continue to develop their own skills.



Every one of us shines like a diamond; with gifts and talents, smarts and hearts! This week, campers will learn about and experience the benefits of planning and participating in EPIC acts of kindness. Kindness is easier to practice than you might think!






Summer Campers will investigate to learn more how the brain works and what inspires EPIC creativity and complex thinking! Campers will also learn about ways to improve brain functions like memory and about how the brain helps us get a better night's sleep, along with exploring the importance of communication and strategy.



Take an inside look at some of the world's most EPIC structures, big and small. This week campers will investigate architecture, operation, and staffing of these amazing feats of construction as well as test their own design skills in the process.



What do you want to be when you grow up? During this week campers will be taking a deep dive into different career paths and their functions, to learn more about what workers in different jobs do and how jobs impact our everyday lives. Students will explore a variety of EPIC careers, endless possibilities, and even get to interview for an amazing job of their choice!






Has your child ever wanted to know more about the creatures and critters who roam the Earth? Whether they’re furry and small, or big and scaly; this week we’re going to take a peek at some EPIC animals!



Campers will be looking inward this week and going on an EPIC adventure inside the world of medicine. This week of adventure will unlock the many mysteries of the human body. From discovering germs, to learning about different body parts, and even creating a scientific model of edible skin; cuts and guts is an investigation campers will not want to miss!



Have you ever thought about what an EPIC impact robots have on our everyday life? During this week campers will be learning all about robots and discovering how robots affect our lives, and also the world around us! The more comfortable students are with technology today, the better equipped they will be to be successful in the world of tomorrow.