School Age Child (5 - 12 Year Olds)

As a School Ager at Sunrise, your child will receive:

• Staff assistance with homework and the introduction of good study habits.
• Members of the Young Achiever’s Club have a variety of academic offerings at their fingertips that will help them reach new heights! A new adaptive and customized online learning program from DreamBox helps students develop math skills, quickly close learning gaps and establish confidence inside and outside of the classroom. Learn More!
• Fun activities, continued friendships, and extracurricular learning that will encompass a wide array of projects and topics.
• Recreational activities focusing on physical fitness and maintaining an active lifestyle.
• Time to further explore interests relating to the world around them.
•  A detailed daily report via our Sunrise Cares app

School-age children are welcome for full days at Sunrise when their regular school is not in session. School vacation days are filled with field trips to exciting places, special visitors and unusual, engaging projects.

On these days of attendance, tuition charges will be adjusted accordingly and some extra charges will apply.

During the summer months when your child is in attendance at Sunrise, tuition will be increased to reflect the schedule that the child attends.

Your School Ager's health, happiness and well being is our primary responsibility.

Our caregivers are educated to provide for every stage of your child's development during this extended period that forms the foundation for your child's sense of identity.

Transportation To and From School Transportation for school-age children (5 and enrolled in Kindergarten to age 12), is provided to and from selected nearby public schools.

See your Preschool Director or visit your school’s location page for a list of these schools.

Please note: If your child’s transportation schedule changes, parents must notify the Director of the impending change verbally or in writing prior to the change occurring.