3 Year Old Program (Preschool)

The new found balance will lead them to jumping, hopping, and performing feats of strength—like standing on one foot. And the daredevils of the bunch will even start pedaling a tricycle or bike.  But don't worry, you've still got a few years before they get their driver’s license.

As an official "preschooler" at Sunrise , your child will receive:

  • A secure, loving and safe learning environment that provides opportunities for exploration
    and peer interactions that emphasize cooperative play.
  • Eight developmentally appropriate learning centers with materials and activities that will
    prepare your child for success.
  • School readiness activities in pre-reading, writing, counting, number recognition and problem
  • A detailed daily report via our Sunrise Cares app, twice yearly in-depth  progress reports, and parent-teacher conferences, so you know how your child is progressing in relation to developmental milestones.

Your preschooler's health, happiness and well being is our primary responsibility.

Our caregivers are educated to provide for every stage of your preschooler's development from  gaining independence, exhibiting increased self-control, and—for the shy ones— how to begin to trust those outside their family.