High-Reach Learning Curriculum

HighReach Learning Curriculum

At the heart of any successful program is a curriculum foundation that not only effectively meets a full range of outcomes and objectives, but also supports teachers in a way that allows them to confidently provide new and exciting learning opportunities every day Childcare Network uses the HighReach Learning Curriculum. HighReach supports and inspires educators from a variety of educational backgrounds by providing meaningful learning experiences and support materials that promote active, playful, and authentic learning opportunities.

The HighReach Learning Curriculum Approach is based on the following principles:

  • A child’s development is continuous, individual, and begins at birth.
  • The stages of development are unique to each child.
  • Creating multiple connections supports current brain research for how infants and young children learn.
  • Interactions and relationships are at the heart of learning.
  • Families are truly a child’s first teachers and are an integral part of the learning community.
  • Learning experiences are purposeful, interactive, meaningful, relevant, active, and playful.
  • The curriculum is project-focused and is based in play investigation. Play is the avenue for child investigations.
  • The ultimate goal is for children to become ready, able, competent, and eager learners.