We know that moving is never easy, and moving with young children can be especially challenging.  When it’s time to make a move, please let us know a few months in advance so we can arrange for a smooth transfer to one of our other Sunrise Preschools locations (if available).  

Moving out of state? Check out our friends at Childcare Network! We’d gladly help arrange a transfer into one of their early learning centers nationwide.

At Sunrise Preschools, we strive to provide quality day care and early childhood education to the children of all parents. For those parents who serve our country, we are especially honored to help! You serve your country with pride and honor. You keep us safe. The least we can do is return the favor for you and your family. And while months-in-advance notice would be helpful for everyone involved, we do require at least one week’s written notice of intention to withdraw.

Finally, as much as we’d love to see your friend or neighbor fill your soon-to-be-empty slot, we do keep an active waitlist in the main office. Sunrise Preschools will always attempt to contact those families on our waiting list first before we make the spot available to your referral.

You and your family are so special to us. We hate to see you go, but we wish you well. Happy trails, bon voyage and—should the opportunity ever present itself—we can’t wait to welcome you back again!