Sunrise Preschool at Gilbert & Southern


1365 S Gilbert Rd
Mesa, AZ 85204

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(480) 218-5577
Monday through Friday: 5:30am-7:00pm
Bethany Valenzuela

Programs Offered:

Schools We Transport to/from:

  • Porter Elementary
  • Irving Elementary
  • Harris Elementary
  • Madison Elementary
  • Wilson Elementary
  • Franklin @ Brimhall Elementary
  • Franklin East Elementary
  • Robson Elementary
  • Keller Elementary

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Our Staff:

We love our staff at Sunrise Preschools, and we know you will too. Our Director Darcy has been with Sunrise 14 years, and Assistant Director Rosario has 9 years of experience in education. Star is the teacher in our 1-year-old class, and is known for her patience. The children adore her! Stefany is an infant teacher who has been with Sunrise 7 years who makes a connection with every child who continues at our school. Schedule a tour today and come meet our qualified teachers and staff!