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Any parent looking for the best of Tempe child care need not look further. Sunrise Preschools offers the highest quality of early childhood education and care. Sunrise Preschools is an Arizona company that is devoted to meeting the needs Arizona families. Sunrise Preschools is by far superior to any other options for child care and early education. We have an excellent reputation as a solid and dependable company that raises the bar for superiority in child care. All of our 18 locations are conveniently located in each of their corresponding communities.

Our learning programs and child care are a cut above any other option for Tempe child care. Every Sunrise Preschools location utilizes the nationally renowned Creative Curriculum. This cutting edge curriculum program is created from 75 years of research on early childhood education. The curriculum emphasizes that children benefit most from developmentally appropriate learning programs. That is why we have 8 learning centers in each classroom that are developmentally appropriate. The children at all Sunrise Preschools locations learn quickly and often, allowing them to never forget that learning is FUN. The teachers and staff at each Sunrise location promote creativity and create an environment in which every child is secure in their own unique learning styles.

The staff at this Tempe Sunrise Preschools location is fantastic. This long term staff works as a cohesive unit to create a fertile and encouraging environment in which each child can develop emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Director Kelly Murphy has done an outstanding job in leading this superior team of teachers for the past 9 years. Incredibly, Anna has been devoted to Sunrise children and infants for 25 years. The team consists of many master teachers. This location has a reputation in the Tempe community as the finest of Tempe child care.

Sunrise Preschools - Tempe
Broadway and McClintock
1628 E Broadway Road
Tempe, AZ 85282

Director: Kelly Murphy
Phone: (480) 820-1861
Email: sun132@sunrisepreschools.com
Hours: 6:00 AM - 6:30 PM

The Sunrise Preschools location in Tempe replicates the superior qualities and state-of-the- art facilities that Sunrise Preschools is known for. This beautiful school has been completely rebuilt. The classrooms are bright and cheerful, and the playgrounds are new, colorful, and safe. This high quality modern facility leaves other Tempe child care facilities in the dust.

Sunrise Preschools at Tempe transport our children in certified mini-school buses, which are safer than vans. We transport to and from the following elementary schools: Bustoz Elementary, Rover Elementary, Fuller Elementary, Hudson Elementary, Meyer Elementary, Curry Elementary.

Sunrise Preschools is dedicated to the children of Arizona. The Tempe location reflects this dedication in their care of children who range in age from 6 weeks to 12 years. We also offer excellent programs for preschoolers and those children who are enrolled in prekindergarten. We have the best before and after school programs available. Our staff is always available to answer any questions and help with homework and school projects.

Safety is the number one priority at every Sunrise Preschools location. In addition to our certified mini-school buses, each location is equipped with code-key access doors, closed-circuit TV in every classroom. Our teachers and staff are always current on their CPR and First Aid certificates.

The Sunrise location in Tempe is eager to meet you and your family. We would love to provide you with a guided tour so that you can see for yourself how perfect this learning facility is for your children. Please use the contact info below to set up an appointment with Kelly.

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