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Searching for a Scottsdale Learning Center?

Finding the perfect Scottsdale learning center can be very difficult and time consuming. Let Sunrise Preschools solve the problem for you. The Sunrise Preschools location in Scottsdale provides the highest quality of care and educational programs available. We welcome infants, toddlers, and toilet-trainers. We also care for those children in preschool or prekindergarten, and any school-ager up to 12 years of age. Sunrise Preschools has an outstanding reputation for providing outstanding care and education to young children. We have 18 excellent locations in the greater Phoenix area. Sunrise Preschools in Scottsdale surpasses any other Scottsdale learning center.

All Sunrise Preschools locations utilize The Creative Curriculum to teach the children in their care. This nationally recognized curriculum is created from 75 years of research in early childhood education. The Creative Curriculum raises the bar for early childhood education programs. Sunrise Preschools purchases this curriculum to ensure that our children are receiving the highest quality of education that you would not find at just any Scottsdale learning center.

The Sunrise Preschools learning center in Scottsdale reflects the superior qualities of care and education that Sunrise Preschools is known for. We provide excellent care for children at the age of twelve all the way down to infants. Preschool and prekindergarten children are also welcome along with toddlers and toilet-trainers. Additionally, we also provide the best before and after school care of any Scottsdale learning center.

The Scottsdale location is proud to use certified mini-buses as opposed to vans to safely transport our children to the following elementary schools: Anasazi, Cheyenne, Redfield and Laguna.

Sunrise Preschools know that it is the teachers and staff that make it possible for Sunrise Preschools give the highest quality of care to the children of Arizona. You will not find more qualified and professional teachers at any other Scottsdale learning center. Deborah McCrae, the Director of the Scottsdale location, has served Sunrise Preschools for 5 years in addition to her 20 years of preschool experience. All of her staff of 7 gifted and caring teachers have at least 3 years of experience at Sunrise Preschools. This dedicated team of teachers and staff unites in order to provide an outstanding environment for their children. The large proportion of long term teachers at the Scottsdale facility as well as all Sunrise locations is proof of the genuine dedication of each caregiver as well as well as the solidarity of Sunrise Preschools. They guarantee a safe, clean, and educational environment in which each child can develop emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

Our teachers are not only the most dedicated and caring teachers in Arizona, they have the education to back them up. The excellence of Sunrise Preschools is portrayed by the fact that almost all of our teachers strive to exceed the standards for childhood care by earning Early Childhood Education certifications and degrees. The state of Arizona has educational requirements that must be met in order to work in a preschool. Not only do the teachers at Sunrise Preschools meet these requirements, they go above and beyond in their attainment of continuing education opportunities. Many are enrolled in college classes to earn specialized degrees and certificates, and all of them attend continuing education classes at our very own Sunrise University.

Safety is top priority for Sunrise Preschools. In order to ensure the safest environment for the children under our care, we have code-key access entry doors and closed-circuit television in all of the classrooms. All of our teachers have CPR and First Aid certification.

The staff and teachers at the Sunrise Scottsdale facility are excited to show you their high quality, modern, and state-of-the –art facility. They would love to give you a guided tour so you can see for yourself our bright classroom and new play ground. Please use the information below to contact Deborah to schedule an appointment.

Arizona Preschools - Scottsdale
Frank Lloyd Wright North of Shea
11090 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85259

Director: Deborah McRae
Phone: (480) 314-1071
Email: sun130@sunrisepreschools.com
Hours: 6:00 AM - 6:30 PM

When you enroll your child at a Sunrise Preschools location, you can expect nothing but excellence. We offer age-appropriate learning programs that are tailored to the interests and abilities of each child. The play activities that are available to all children promote creativity and intellectual stimulation. All children want to learn; we believe that the longevity of this desire is increased by gently guiding each child as they discover their own interests and learning styles. Sunrise Preschools makes sure that every day is a new and exciting adventure that makes learning FUN for each child.

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