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Sunrise Preschools is the best choice for a Scottsdale daycare. Sunrise Preschools is an Arizona company that was established in 1982 and offers 18 high quality daycare centers across Arizona. All of these 18 Sunrise Preschools locations have great reputations for providing the best early childhood care and education to the children in their communities. The Scottsdale daycare that is owned and operated by Sunrise Preschools adheres to the mission of Sunrise Preschools to provide the best care for reasonable prices.

Each Sunrise Preschools location, including the Sunrise Scottsdale daycare facility, boasts of clean and educationally stimulating classrooms accompanied by playgrounds that are developed to be fun and safe.

Every Sunrise Preschools location, including the Scottsdale daycare, is constantly striving to raise the bar of excellence in child care. This is why Sunrise Preschools is proud of the fact they use The Creative Curriculum to educate the children under their care. This research-based curriculum emphasizes that young children obtain knowledge best when they have learning programs that are designed to meet their individual academic and developmental needs. The Creative Curriculum is a novel cutting edge educational tool that is nationally renowned as the curriculum that produces the best results. The Sunrise Scottsdale daycare is impressed and proud of the accelerated academic development that is evident in the children under their care.

Director Deborah McRae has been an excellent leader for the team of teachers at the Sunrise Preschools in Scottsdale. for 5 years. Her staff includes 7 teachers who have been with Sunrise Preschools for at least 3 years. These childcare specialists work together to create an encouraging environment that serves as a safe and clean facility in which children can learn and grow.

The Sunrise Preschools in Scottsdale for infants from 6 months to school age children up to the age of 12. This nurturing staff also cares for infants, toddlers, and toilet trainers.

This Sunrise Preschools facility offers programs for preschoolers, prekindergarteners, and school-agers.

Sunrise Preschools - Scottsdale
Frank Lloyd Wright North of Shea
11090 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85259

Director: Deborah McRae
Phone: (480) 314-1071
Email: sun130@sunrisepreschools.com
Hours: 6:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Ages: 6 weeks to 12 years

Sunrise Preschools safely transports children in Certified Mini-School Buses. This Scottsdale daycare transports children to and from elementary schools that include: Anasazi, Cheyenne, Redfield and Laguna.

Excellent care and education is not the only priority for Sunrise Preschools. Safety is the upmost concern for each of the 18 facilities, including the Sunrise Scottsdale daycare. This is why all teachers are trained in CPR and First Aid. Each Sunrise Preschools facility has code-key access doors and closed circuit television installed to ensure the safety of each Sunrise child. In addition to these precautions, Sunrise Preschools uses Certified Mini-School Buses, which are the safest method of transportation.

The teachers at the Sunrise Preschool in Scottsdale would love to meet you and discuss any questions that you might have. They would love to show you how this Scottsdale daycare is the best place for your child to develop and succeed. Contact this Sunrise Preschools in Scottsdale to set up a personalized tour.

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