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Sunrise Preschools Programs

Where All Children Are Given the Opportunity to Perform to Their Full Potential!

Our childhood programs of Arizona begin by nurturing infants during their first year of rapid
growth and development. We continue our development through providing stimulating, and
innovative experiences that challenge preschool and school age children. Sunrise Preschools
have set the Arizona standard for excellence in all of our educational programs.

Sunrise preschool programs specialize in “school readiness” activities that prepare children
for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

Sunrise teachers apply the best possible practices in early education into everyday practices in
your child’s classroom. Sunrise Preschools purposefully studied and developed our learning
curriculum based on the well researched and nationally recognized High Reach Curriculum.

Sunrise childhood programs of Arizona are some of the best in the state. Our programs are
designed to provide children with many opportunities for learning that never imitate the formal
drills of higher education. Instead, daily and weekly lesson plans focus on every child’s natural
interests and curiosity. Research shows that all children learn and benefit from developmentally
appropriate practices. Our well trained childcare professionals take their cues from the interests
of every child in their care. Sunrise Preschools follow these practices throughout our programs
for all ages so that children experience success early, and often.