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With all the different preschools Phoenix has to offer, how can you be sure that you are making the right choice for your children? It’s simple. Choose the best preschool where your children can thrive, grow and have lots of fun while they LEARN.

We understand your need to find the best care and learning center opportunities for your child as you search all the preschools Phoenix has available. Check out any of the 18 Sunrise Preschools of Arizona located all throughout the Valley of the Sun (www.sunrisepreschools.com/locations/locations.html) to find an ideal school near your home or work. We have flexible scheduling options and extended operating hours to serve your family just like a regular preschool facility. But Sunrise Preschools are not just a regular preschool center. We are providers of the finest learning opportunities and child care that you can give your children, and we have locations all across the Phoenix metro area. We offer a stable foundation where your child will thrive in an environment where they can develop and grow at their own pace.

Sunrise Preschools utilizes a practiced and refined curriculum that begins in our cozy infant rooms and continues through all of our toddler and preschool classrooms. The nationally recognized The Creative Curriculum is based on the research of child development experts over the past 75 years and shows that all children benefit from developmentally appropriate materials and practices. Our highly trained childcare professionals, teachers and staff follow these established practices throughout each program and classroom for all ages so that every child experiences success early and often.

As a parent, what can you expect when you enroll your child at Sunrise Preschools of Arizona?

  • Learning, play and social experiences that are age-appropriate for your child. Our established curriculum contains age-specific activities that promote individual creativity and exploration, family involvement, and the ongoing progressive development of the whole child. Your child’s daily experiences capture and support the reinforcement of important skills and concepts that children must have to achieve continued success.
  • Fun, captivating, inspiring and meaningful learning activities. As your child matures and advances up to the next classroom, they will always encounter a higher level of learning that will challenge the growth in his or her abilities and skills while allowing your child to still have lots of fun!  These skills range from infants acquiring basic communication, to toddlers learning basic colors, to pre-school age children exploring the alphabet, mathematics and reading.
  • Accurate feedback and information about what your children are learning and how they are progressing.  Sunrise Preschools provides daily written updates and Report Cards twice per year to keep you up-to-date on exactly how your child is developing and what he or she is learning at school. Your children will bring home creative art projects, such as painted pictures or child-created books and collages.  These are just a few of the items your child will enjoy creating.  When you spend time talking with your children about what they are learning at school, you'll be amazed to discover how much intellect your child is gaining through The Creative Curriculum!
  • Teachers and staff that are dedicated to learning new and better methods to inspire your child’s development and personal growth.  Our Sunrise University provides our teachers with continuous training on the finest early education techniques for teaching young children. All staff members and teachers receive a minimum 18 hours (150% of the State of Arizona’s requirements) of specialized training each year.
  • Programs with activities that specifically target achievement levels for “school readiness” that will prepare your children for success when they reach Kindergarten and beyond.

Every person at Sunrise Preschools of Arizona is committed to supporting your family to raise healthy, happy and secure children that will be successful in school and in life. Drop by any one of the 18 Sunrise Preschools located throughout the Phoenix area and see for yourself what we have to offer your child and your family.

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