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Searching for a Phoenix Preschool?

Your children are the most important part of your life and you want the best of everything for them - especially when it comes to choosing a Phoenix preschool. You need an environment that will provide the same nurturing attention and care that you give them. For that level of care, there is an ideal place nearby: Sunrise Preschools of Arizona.

At Sunrise Preschools of Arizona, today’s children are learning the skills that prepare them for tomorrow’s opportunities. Our age appropriate curriculum for young children is designed to educate them for future success with life, while encouraging individuality and creativity in each child. Your child’s future is bright at Sunrise Preschools of Arizona.


  • Our focus is on the interests of each individual child
  • We support all of our families and acknowledge that the family is a child’s first and most important teacher
  • We will always provide your children with the best quality of care
  • We listen and respond to concerns or questions from our families
  • We will provide all children with a developmentally appropriate environment that promotes learning
  • We continue to set the standard for excellence in childhood early education and care in the greater Phoenix area
  • We are fully committed to you and your children in all their developmental needs

Sunrise Preschools utilizes the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum in all classrooms from infancy through the early elementary school years. The Creative Curriculum is developed with the highest standards in the child development field. The program is selected and the learning environment is structured with your children in mind. Our programs offer guidance and direction in a setting that fosters emotional development while providing an optimal, well-rounded educational experience appropriate for your little one.

At Sunrise Preschools of Arizona, your children will encounter a balance of activities designed to help them achieve high standards for social, intellectual, physical, emotional and creative development. Our many years of serving the children and families of Phoenix means that our learning program and professional practices are carefully planned and implemented based on documented experience and success. We continuously evaluate and update our programs to insure that they are enriched with the latest resources in early childhood education.

Infant Programs

The first year of life is a crucial time where each infant is a unique individual with unique, distinctive needs. Our programs for children age 6 weeks to 12 months emphasizes individualized care by nurturing, loving staff that are responsive to the needs of each developing child. The infant care givers provide the parents with a written report detailing the childs activities, food consumed, rest and diaper changing. We provide for every stage in your infant's development; encouraging appropriate social interaction, language acquisition, and sound physical growth - all within colorful, comfortable, multi-sensory surroundings.


Your toddler’s life is an exciting time filled with rapid growth in social skills, self-sufficiency and language acquisition. Our program for toddlers (12 months - 36 months) recognizes this significant stage of your child's development as one of curiosity and exploration. Our teachers and trained staff emphasize safety and security while concentrating on the developmental goals of our children this age. Our environment is specifically designed so your child can explore and play together in harmony with other children as they begin their comprehension of socially appropriate behavior. With an established routine and schedule, your child will be comforted by knowing what to expect when they leave the security of home. This begins with the process of a structured day where planned and practiced educational activities and creative play time offer harmony and balance in your toddler’s development.


Our preschool program encompasses a wide variety of planned educational activities centered around the developmental goals of the established, and proven Creative Curriculum. These activities offer your child daily opportunities to begin learning the alphabet and letter sounds, simple math and quantities, early writing skills and literacy as well as music and art. This educational foundation and the child’s creative play time both contribute to an ideal balance in your preschooler’s development.

School Age

We provide school aged youngsters with programs for before, after and school days off that are designed for the ever-changing, dynamic needs of today's active families. Our program emphasizes a safe, organized, and supervised environment that is fun, stimulating and challenging. Many of our school age programs have basketball courts, video theaters and stages. All of our transportation is done in certified school buses not vans. We are responsive to the interests and developmental needs of your school aged child. During summer months and school holidays, we offer a full-day schedule with ample hands-on activities and field trips to exciting destinations.

We understand that selecting a Phoenix preschool that best meets your child’s needs is your top priority. You need detailed information to make an informed decision about which Phoenix preschool is ideal for your child. We encourage you stop one of our seventeen area preschools for a walk through. Come in and look around, talk to our teachers and staff. See why Sunrise Preschools of Arizona is your child’s best option.

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