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Searching for a Phoenix Learning Center?

At Sunrise Preschools of Arizona, learning is part of everything we do. Each of our Phoenix learning center facilities draw from the established best practices in early childhood development to create an educational experience that is engaging and fun for your child. Our Sunrise Preschools learning centers utilize the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum. Our highly qualified teachers and staff keep things “kid exciting” every day. Sunrise Preschools of Arizona is the ideal environment to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond.

Our program works. Thousands of Sunrise Preschools children have been successful in elementary school and beyonf. Our program works according to assessments from Arizona educational agencies and the National Accreditation System. Our utilization of the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum means that kids in our program learn more developmentally appropriate educational and life skills and the children learn at a more rapid rate than is typical of their age group. Find a Sunrise Preschool near you and discover what we can do for your children, and your family!


  • Our focus is on the interests of each individual child
  • We support all of our families and acknowledge that the family is a child’s first and most important teacher
  • We will always provide your children with the best quality of care
  • We listen and respond to concerns or questions from our families
  • We will provide all children with a developmentally appropriate environment that promotes learning
  • We continue to set the standard for excellence in childhood early education and care in the greater Phoenix area
  • We are fully committed to you and your children in all their developmental needs

When you enter a Sunrise Preschool you will see that learning is all around, and we take pride in the advantages of the comfortable environment that we have created. Children learn best when they are interested and engaged, and what better way to do that than to have fun while learning.

A "play with a purpose" philosophy guides our unique age appropriate programs and curriculum, each designed to propel your child ahead intellectually, developmentally and socially in an environment that's warm, comfortable, nurturing and fun. Sunrise Preschools learning centers foster school readiness in all of our programs.

Our view is that nearly every activity in which your child engages in is an opportunity to learn. So when you visit Sunrise Preschools of Arizona and see children playing with others in our learning centers or alone reading a book, you'll understand that they are all learning while having fun.

What will your child be doing at our preschools? How do we prepare children for school and a lifetime of learning that follows? These are important questions, and the answers truly set Sunrise Preschools apart from the other Phoenix learning center preschools.

We continually challenge children at all ages, from new infants to preschool and kindergarten, with developmentally appropriate curriculum programs. Our programs and activities are based on the individual skill levels of your child which is administered with the knowledge of the established standard skill levels of typical children in each age group. This means that we recognize where your child’s developmental needs and we are driven to ensure that they excel beyond these typical expectations and standards.

Our early learning programs are the product of the experience gained serving the children and families of the Phoenix area since 1981, as well as input and feedback from leading childcare and early education experts. Our corporate staff is continually involved in the development of regulations and early childhood education standards at State and local levels to ensure the best for your child.

Security is a constant focus at Sunrise Preschools of Arizona. For the safety and well-being of the children in our care, each of our learning center facilities has security coded front doors, internal closed circuit TV and certified school buses instead of vans and standards and procedures in place to address pick-up and drop-off. We also have child safe furniture, buildings and playgrounds. All safety and security procedures are continuously reviewed and updated to make certain that they reflect the most current safety and security practices and technology available.

If you want to know more about our learning centers, the amenities we offer your children, our safety and security procedures, the establish program curriculum, and our rules and regulations, just step inside one of the Sunrise Preschools in your area. You'll know that you are in an environment where your child will be safe to learn and develop. All of our facilities are carefully designed to make learning fun and allow the freedom for children to play and explore. Our learning centers are always open, just contact us to arrange a visit to learn more about Sunrise Preschools.

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