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Since 1982, Sunrise Preschools of Arizona has set the benchmark for excellence in the care and education of Arizona’s children. Our Phoenix AZ preschool learning centers are located across the Phoenix metropolitan area. At Sunrise Preschools we have been providing top quality child care and preschool learning center education to generations of Phoenix area families. Sunrise Preschools are located only in Arizona and our corporate headquarters is located in Tempe. As an Arizona focused company, we have been serving children across the Valley of the Sun for decades now. We take pride in understanding the evolving needs of the families that we serve, and responding to these needs or changes in a positive, supportive manner.


  • Our focus is on the interests of each individual child
  • We support all of our families and acknowledge that the family is a child’s first and most important teacher
  • We will always provide your children with the best quality of care
  • We listen and respond to concerns or questions from our families
  • We will provide all children with a developmentally appropriate environment that promotes learning
  • We continue to set the standard for excellence in childhood early education and care in the greater Phoenix area
  • We are fully committed to you and your children in all their developmental needs

The nurturing teachers and staff at Sunrise Preschools place their attention and focus on each child's total development. We provide an enriching, stimulating atmosphere that enables our children to grow and develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. We furnish your child with a learning environment that offers developmentally appropriate experiences designed to stimulate these critical areas of growth. Daily, the children are involved in first hand experiences and opportunities that promote self exploration, experimentation and intellectual growth. Your children will be encouraged to explore the world around them through directed activities and free play. Learning through play is a crucial component in the successful development of all children. Our daily lesson plans and programs for all ages of our children are based on the thoroughly researched and nationally recognized The Creative Curriculum, an established system that shows every child benefits from developmentally appropriate practices. Sunrise teachers are dedicated to applying the best possible practices in early childhood education into the everyday practices within your child’s classroom.

Children develop and learn on a completely individual basis. Our knowledgeable staff and teachers work with the children in small groups, enabling each child to receive the personalized attention they need to succeed early and often. Operating in smaller groups also allows our staff with a greater opportunity to thoroughly observe the continued development and changing needs of each individual child. These observations become the basis for completing our individualized Progress Report Card which are shared with parents two times per year.

This individualized focus offers each child the direct care, attention, nurturing and love that are necessary for healthy intellectual growth. Every child is different from the next. Sunrise Preschools gives a written daily report for each child, every day. We value and appreciate the individuality of each child by recognizing these differences and offering personal attention and care within a group setting.

Involving the families we serve in our programs and curriculum is a top priority. This mutual involvement helps the children, their parents and our staff make strong connections between home and the preschool learning center. It is our belief that a child’s family is the first and most important teacher. We are simply an extension of the family, developing a partnership where sharing ideas, support and genuine love for the child is of the utmost importance. We encourage our parents to visit often and participate in school activities.

We understand that there are plenty of Phoenix AZ preschool facilities for your family to consider as you search for the optimal place to entrust with your children’s care and educational development. Your visit to any one of the sixteen Sunrise Preschools located throughout the Phoenix area. Sunrise Preschools will end your search and start your child on a fun and exciting journey of discovery and a lifelong love of learning.

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