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Your search for a Phoenix AZ day care center should encompass much more than just a safe environment to place your child while you work to provide for your family. At Sunrise Preschools of Arizona we offer a safe, stimulating atmosphere where your child can develop to their full potential. As Arizona’s most experienced child care provider, Sunrise Preschools is committed to setting the benchmark for excellence in child care and early childhood education. The facilities, the people and the program are far superior to the average Phoenix AZ day care.


  • Our focus is on the interests of each individual child
  • We support all of our families and acknowledge that the family is a child’s first and most important teacher
  • We will always provide your children with the best quality of care
  • We listen and respond to concerns or questions from our families
  • We will provide all children with a developmentally appropriate environment that promotes learning
  • We continue to set the standard for excellence in childhood early education and care in the greater Phoenix area
  • We are fully committed to you and your children in all their developmental needs

Our preschool facilities are designed for young children to be safe, clean and stimulating. The people at Sunrise Preschools are what make Sunrise special. Our teachers are carefully selected, well prepared and professional. Arizona Womans Magazine picked Sunrise Preschools as one of the 25 Best Places for Woman to Work in Arizona. Our schools use the nationally recognized The Creative Curriculum with all age groups in all classrooms. Our programs start by nurturing infants during their first year of rapid cognitive development and physical growth and continue through providing innovative and stimulating experiences that challenge our preschool and school age kids.

At Sunrise Preschools we specialize in “school readiness” activities that prepare your child for a successful transition to Kindergarten and beyond.

A Place for Babies and Toddlers to Thrive

At Sunrise Preschools, infants and toddlers:

  • Discover and develop all their bodily powers with room to grow with soft, safe places to roll over and pull up, to crawl and move about, and to comfortably step out into the world.
  • Deeply connect with those around them in a caring community that helps your youngster form strong relationships that foster a sense of trust and security.
  • Learn to communicate fully in an environment filled with wonderful conversations, reading, singing, and lots and lots of smiles and hugs.
  • Discover how their world works through established quality educational materials and learning experiences that promote and satisfy your child’s natural curiosity.

Communication is essential and as parents, you need to know everything that happens while your baby or toddler is in our care. We go to great lengths to ensure that you are always in the know. Sunrise provides our families with written daily communications for every child, thorough twice yearly in-depth progress reports, and scheduled parent-teacher conferences

Exploring our World . . . Pre-School Style

Preschool children are bursting with expanding personal interests. During this period of development, your 3 year old begins to trust other individuals outside their family, gains self-control and independence and learns to assert their position in socially acceptable ways. At this same time they become eager, consummate observers of their world. All Sunrise Preschools' 3 year old classrooms apply The Creative Curriculum and provide:

  • A loving, secure and safe learning environment that provides abundant opportunities for exploration and daily peer interactions that emphasize cooperative play.
  • Developmentally appropriate materials and activities that will prepare your children for success early and often.
  • School readiness activities including writing, pre-reading, number recognition,   counting and problem solving.

Pre-Kindergarten and Beyond

Sunrise Preschools Pre-K and Kindergarten programs recognize children will soon be entering schools that have a range of expectations for a child's social and academic performance. Children this age have a vast vocabulary, with complex phrases and sentences that allow them to more clearly express their ideas. Sunrise Preschool Pre-Kindergarten classrooms utilize The Creative Curriculum to provide your 4 year old with:

  • Educationally based activities with developmentally appropriate learning materials that will prepare your child to excel in Kindergarten.
  • Daily opportunities to learn the alphabet and letter sounds, numbers and  quantities, simple math, writing skills and early literacy.
  • Access to computers that are loaded with educational software

Now that Sunrise Preschools has prepared your child for the future, we continue our mission with safe, stimulating and challenging programs for Before, After and School Days Off time. Our School-age Programs will provide your 5 through 12 year old with:

  • Involved staff that provide homework assistance to your child while promoting proper, consistent study habits.
  • Daily physical fitness and healthy exercise habits through fun recreationa  activities.
  • Fun, friendships and learning that encompass a vast array of projects and activities.
  • School vacation days filled with field trips, special visitors and unusual, engaging activities and projects.

We hope that this site has provided you with the detailed information that is required to make an informed decision about which Phoenix AZ day care best meets your child’s, and your family’s needs. We encourage you to stop by for a walk through of one of our seventeen preschools and learing centers located throughout the Phoenix metro area. Come see for yourself just exactly what Sunrise Preschools of Arizona has to offer your child.

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