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Searching for Goodyear AZ preschool?

Sunrise Preschools knows that the search for a Goodyear AZ preschool can be very difficult. There are so many things to consider and questions to ask when looking for the preschool that will meet the unique needs of your child. Sunrise Preschools has the answers to your questions. With its outstanding reputation, Sunrise Preschools is proud to be the authority on early childhood education and care. Since 1981, our 18 state-of-the-art facilities have been serving Arizona families the highest quality of care.

Each Sunrise Preschools location, including the Goodyear AZ preschool location, increases the standards of early childhood care and education by utilizing The Creative Curriculum. This curriculum is nationally renowned for being the most effective curriculum for young learners. The Creative Curriculum is based upon 75 years of educational research which indicates that children learn best when education programs are developed based upon their own developmental level, learning styles, and interests. The Goodyear AZ preschool that is owned and operated by Sunrise Preschools is proud of the fact that the children under their care are highly prepared to enter kindergarten and subsequently excel in their academic careers. The Creative Curriculum is the key for your child’s academic success.

This Goodyear AZ preschool boasts of a long term staff that is led by a long term Sunrise Preschools Director Terrilynn Kramer. This professional and experienced Sunrise Preschool staff has 6 teachers that have been dedicated to caring for the children of Sunrise Preschools for over 5 years. This team maintains excellent communication with parents and families while providing a clean and safe environment where your children can develop to their highest potential.

Every Sunrise Preschools facility is completely dedicated to the well-being and success of each child in their care. With their demand for high quality education and care, The Goodyear AZ preschool is no exception. The modern and stimulating classrooms host many happy children who are excited about learning. Our playground is a safe and fun place for children to make friends and develop their social skills. Like every Sunrise Preschools facilities, the Goodyear AZ location offers top quality care for a reasonable price.

The Goodyear AZ preschool gladly welcomes children ranging in age from 16 weeks to 12 years old. We also provide nurturing and encouraging care for preschoolers and those children in prekindergarten. Of course we also have great care and educational programs for toddlers and toilet trainers. In addition, our before and after school care programs provide additional educational support and encouragement for school-agers.

Safety comes first at every Sunrise Preschools location. Each facility is equipped with closed circuit television in each classroom as well as code-key access doors. In addition, each Sunrise staff member is CPR and First Aid certified.The emphasis on safety that characterizes all Sunrise Preschools facilities explains why the children under our care are always transported in certified mini-school buses as opposed to vans.

Sunrise Preschools transports their children in certified mini-school buses to and from the following elementary schools: Canyon Breeze, Copper King, Desert Starr, Dreaming Summit, Garden Lake, Litchfield, Palm Valley, Corte Sierra, Rancho Santa Fe, Wildflower and Barbara Robey.

We would love to show you just exactly how perfect our Sunrise Preschools location in Goodyear is for your child to learn and develop. Please contact us so that we can arrange a guided tour of the facility for you and your family.

We are excited to hear from you.

Sunrise Preschools - Goodyear
Thomas and Dysart
13201 W. Thomas Rd
Goodyear, AZ 85338

Director: Terrilynn Kramer
Phone: (623) 536-1020
Email: sun129@sunrisepreschools.com
Hours: 6:00 AM - 6:30 PM

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