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Searching for a DES day care can be an overwhelming task. Sunrise Preschools can alleviate the frustrations of this difficult process. Sunrise Preschools is an approved establishment of the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES). We can help you and your family by providing the highest quality of care an education for your child. The mission of the DES is to ensure that every child and family is safe, happy, and self sufficient. Sunrise Preschools helps the DES achieve this mission by opening our doors to the children and families of Arizona that are in need of child care.

As a recognized and certified DES day care, the Sunrise Preschools system of care and education is driven by the needs of Arizona children and families. Sunrise Preschools has been the symbol of high quality early childhood care and education for 28 years. As an Arizona company, Sunrise Preschools is devoted to the well-being of Arizona children and families. We surpass other options for DES day care by offering a cutting edge and nationally recognized educational program. Our educational strategies are derived from The Creative Curriculum, which is an educational program based upon 75 years of research. Sunrise Preschools utilizes the components of this curriculum to develop educational programs that are developmentally appropriate for the unique needs of each child. We extract ideas from The Creative Curriculum to create innovative programs for each child that stimulate creative learning, and keep education FUN.

Sunrise Preschools knows that economic factors may sometimes prevent families from being able to provide day care for their children. As a certified DES day care, we are proud to have the opportunity to serve families in need of assistance. We work with DES to strengthen and increase the self-sufficiency of families. Through this collaboration, Sunrise Preschools strive to help communities work together as a cohesive whole to ensure the safety and well-being of each child.

The teachers of Sunrise Preschools are superior in their professionalism and experience with child care and education. Our teachers are highly trained, and many surpass Arizona’s requirements for early childhood care and education. Most of our instructors are working toward or have already earned certificates or degrees in child care and education. Assessments by state educational authorities and agencies concur that Sunrise Preschools offers the highest quality of care available.

Sunrise Preschools staff and teachers never fail to create solid and reciprocal relationships with their parents. The staff and teachers frequently and consistently provide feedback about what each child is learning and how they are developing intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Sunrise Preschools maintain these important partnerships between teachers and parents by implementing several methods to provide feedback to parents. Every day parents receive a Written Daily Report on the progress and activities of their child that day. In order to capture a broader picture of the progress of each child, we also provide bi-annual Report Cards and bi-annual Parent-Teacher Conferences. We provide Newsletters via email, and all lesson plans and meal menus are posted each day. These communication methods have proven themselves to be very helpful. However the most important method of communication that Sunrise Preschools has to offer is the smile that brightens your child’s face when they are telling you how much they learned that day.

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