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Searching for a DES Childcare center?

Come by and explore any of the Sunrise Preschools certified DES childcare and preschool centers located near you (www.sunrisepreschools.com/locations/locations.html). You’ll meet friendly people who want to help you find the optimal childcare option for your children. We coordinate with the DES Childcare System everyday so we understand how to best serve your family’s needs. We will work with you and with DES to reach a solution that fulfills the individual requirements of your family while providing your children with the finest available care and learning experience.

Our centers offer a nurturing environment for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years in a safe, comfortable setting that provides a structured curriculum that begins in our cozy infant rooms and continues throughout all of our exciting toddler and preschool classrooms. All of our centers have highly skilled, long term teachers on staff that continuously receive the latest specialized training in early childhood development and education. Each of the Sunrise Preschools offer inviting buildings, stimulating classrooms and playgrounds that are specifically designed to best meet the needs of your children. With safety as paramount focus at each of our schools, every teachers and staff member is CPR and First Aid trained. We have closed circuit TV monitoring in all of our classrooms and we utilize a security code-key access system on our doors. All children transported to or from any of our schools ride in a Certified Mini-School Bus, not a van.

We offer flexible scheduling options with long operating hours to serve your family just like a regular childcare center. However, we provide so much more with a top flight curriculum and instructional methods developed from the best child development programs available. Our learning curriculum is based on the widely recognized The Creative Curriculum, a curriculum that underscores the fact that every child benefits the most from developmentally appropriate material and practices. We apply these practices everyday throughout each of our programs, for all ages, so that every child experiences success early and often. At Sunrise Preschools, we are focused on “school readiness” activities that prepare your children for immediate success when they reach Kindergarten, and beyond.

As a DES certified childcare provider, Sunrise Preschools is here to be the first choice option for parents who need that little extra assistance. The DES childcare assistance programs were established by The Arizona Department of Economic Security to assist eligible families with childcare expenses, thus enabling parents to take part in employment activities and specific education and training programs that are affiliated with their employment, or in certain other circumstances to aid parents who are unable to provide care.

Sunrise is an organization that only operates in Arizona so we are wholly established within our communities and closer to our local families, providing us with a clearer understanding of their needs. We do understand, we do sympathize and we do want to assist any family participating in the DES childcare programs. At Sunrise Preschools our mission is to partner with our Arizona families to fulfill their needs while continuing to provide excellence in quality childcare and educational opportunities.

We encourage you to take the next step. Come in or call any one of our certified DES childcare preschools located throughout the Phoenix area (www.sunrisepreschools.com/locations/locations.html), speak with our friendly, helpful staff and find out for yourself what Sunrise Preschools of Arizona has to offer your children and your family.

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