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The search for the Chandler daycare that will meet the unique needs of your child can be difficult. Sunrise Preschools is here to help. We have the reputation of being the leader and authority in childhood care and education. Sunrise Preschools is an Arizona company that has 28 years of experience in providing the best care and educational programs for Arizona children. All 18 of our facilities illustrate elite professionalism and knowledge in the realm of early childhood care and education.

The educational opportunities that our Chandler daycare offers is unmatched by any other daycare in Chandler. We are a step ahead of any other Chandler daycare in creating the best possible educational programs for each child under our care. All Sunrise Preschools base these educational programs on The Creative Curriculum. This nationally recognized curriculum is the most innovated and effective method of early education. Based upon 75 years of educational research, this curriculum raises the bar for educational programs in the US. The success of this curriculum can be attributed to its emphasis on creating educational programs that are developmentally appropriate and tailored to the specific interests and developmental levels of each child.

You will not find early education teachers that compare to the teachers at our Chandler daycare. Director Wendy Capper serves as an excellent leader of the long term staff and teachers at this facility. Ms. Nanda and Ms. Kathy have been serving the children under the care of Sunrise Preschools for 23 years. This location is also proud of other long term staff whose experience with Sunrise Preschools ranges from 8 to 19 years. Each of the teachers at this facility exceeds the level of training required by the state of Arizona. They enthusiastically strive to earn additional degrees and certificates in order augment their knowledge of early childhood care and education.

We would love to show you how perfect the Sunrise Preschool in Chandler is for your child. Please contact us and schedule a personal guided tour of the facility. We are excited to meet you and your child.

Sunrise Preschools – Chandler daycare
Elliot and Alma School
1114 W. Elliot Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85224

Director: Wendy Capper
Phone: (480) 899-8661
Email: sun139@sunrisepreschools.com
Hours: 6:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Sunrise Preschools is the top choice for a Chandler daycare. The stimulating and supportive environment will encourage your child to explore their own interests in order to discover how much fun learning can be. Our locations use each child’s creative energy and interests in order to develop a firm foundation that will support them as they discover learning styles that work the best for them.

Our Chandler daycare welcomes children from 6 weeks to 12 years. We provide nurturing care for infants, as well as excellent care for toddlers and toilet trainers. Our developmental programs for preschoolers and children attending prekindergarten are superior to the programs of any other Chandler daycare. We have certified mini-school buses that transport all of our children to the following elementary schools in the community: Frost, Sirrine, Pomeroy and Crismon.

Safety is the top priority of all Sunrise Preschool locations. We ensure this safety by having key-code access doors at every entry, and closed-circuit television in each classroom. In addition to these precautions, every teacher and staff member is trained in CPR and First Aid. We also only transport our children using certified mini-school buses, which are much safer than vans.

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