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Why choose just any Arizona pre school, when your children can flourish, explore, and LEARN at Sunrise Preschools of Arizona?

We know that there are many Arizona pre schools to choose from and that the search for a preschool that is a perfect fit for your child is a very important, and sometimes overwhelming, process. Let us make this process easier for you by introducing Sunrise Preschools of Arizona. Sunrise Preschools is a place where children are provided the highest quality care available. We set the standard of excellence in childcare and education for all Arizona pre schools. Here at Sunrise Preschools of Arizona, we understand that every child is unique and special. This is why we provide a foundation that allows each child to explore and develop at their own pace. We are committed to working with our families as a team to give each child the best opportunities to grow.

Sunrise Preschools utilizes the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum. Our educational curriculum exceeds the formal drills of higher education. The Creative Curriculum is based on research that shows that educational environments are more effective when they are tailored to the natural interests and curiosity of the child. We offer an educational program that prepares the child for success in grade school and beyond. Our curriculum and care also serves as an additional learning environment for our school age children. This curriculum includes:

• We use The Creative Curriculum which is operated through eight learning centers in each class room.
• Fun and stimulating activities focused on the development of the whole child.

Providing each child with the tools that they need for their educational journey.

For over 28 years, teachers at Sunrise Preschools have carried on the standard of excellence in the education and care of children in Arizona. Our teachers take early childhood education to the highest level with frequent teacher training, and professional development. Sunrise Preschools offers continual curriculum and program improvements and progress toward National Accreditation.

Every child at Sunrise Preschools is provided with the opportunity to grow, develop, and perform at their full potential. We offer a safe environment that allows children to not only grow physically and cognitively, but emotionally and socially as well. The stimulating atmosphere in all Sunrise Preschools gives each child the opportunities for self exploration, intellectual, social, and emotional growth and improved school readiness. Directed activities and free play will boost your child’s natural creativity and ability to explore the world around them.

Sunrise Preschools offers an experience above and beyond those offered by other Arizona pre schools. We set the benchmark for excellence in our learning centers that are located in the Phoenix area. Sunrise Preschools are only located in Arizona and have facilities in Tempe, Tolleson, South, North, and Central Phoenix, Scottsdale, Goodyear, Mesa, Peoria, Gilbert, and Chandler. All of these facilities have state-of-the art educational programs that offer the best opportunities for your child to excel. We offer care that that begins with nurturing infants and continues on through the care and support for preschool and school-age children.

At Sunrise Preschools we know that families are a child’s primary and essential teacher. We work together with each family to create the best learning situation for each child. We focus on each individual child and create opportunities that will bolster their growth. The environment at Sunrise Preschool encompasses the needs of all of the children and is the superior model for early childhood care and education. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen and respond to all of the concerns or questions of our families. The parents and the teachers and staff at Sunrise Preschools are committed to providing each child a nurturing developmental environment.

Come visit one of our facilities and see for yourself that Sunrise Preschools offer the best care for your child’s developmental needs.

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