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We understand that you need the best care and educational opportunities for your children as you search through all of the available Arizona pre school options. Well you can stop your search right here. Check out any of the 18 Sunrise Preschools of Arizona located throughout the Phoenix metro area(www.sunrisepreschools.com/locations/locations.html) to find an ideal Arizona pre school located near your home or work. We offer flexible scheduling options and have extended operating hours to serve your family just like a regular pre school facility. But Sunrise Preschools isn’t just a regular pre school center. Sunrise Preschools was founded in Arizona in 1982 and is arizona’s most experienced preschool provider. We are providers of the finest learning opportunities and child care that you can give your children, and we have locations all across the Valley of the Sun. Our pre school learning centers provide a stable foundation for your child to thrive in an atmosphere where they can develop and grow at their own pace.

All Sunrise Preschools are Quality First Participants that exceed the Arizona state educational standards for kindergarten readiness. We specialize in “school readiness” activities that will prepare your children for immediate success in Kindergarten and beyond.

We offer the very best in early care and education each and every day to the children and families that we serve. Our eight learning centers invites exploration, encourages creative thinking, and fosters a lifelong love of learning. Sunrise Preschools implements the thoroughly researched and widely recognized The Creative Curriculum; an approach based on child development research over the past 75 years. The Creative Curriculum underscores the fact that every child gains the most benefit from developmentally appropriate practices. Our teachers follow these practices every day throughout each of our programs for all ages so that every child experiences success early and often.

The mission at Sunrise Preschools of Arizona is to partner with our Arizona families to provide excellence in top quality child care and education. We are focused on providing a comfortable, nurturing environment for kids 6 weeks to 12 years old, where childhood is a rich and wonderful experience for every child who enters our doors. We guide with understanding and love because we understand that one of the most important gifts we can bring to your child is the gift of a healthy self-esteem. We respect each child, embracing every culture and nourishing their spirit so that every child feels included.

Our highly skilled teachers maximize the positive aspects of all of our children by creating an atmosphere where differences are recognized, acknowledged and appreciated. Sunrise Preschools is the place where every child is provided the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.

Safety is always a paramount focus at each of our preschools. Every classroom has teachers and staff members that are First Aid and CPR trained. We utilize a security code-key access system on our doors and have closed circuit TV monitoring in each of our classrooms. Any child that is transported to or from any Sunrise Preschool rides in a Certified Mini-School Bus, not a van.

We recognize that parents are the most significant adults in a child’s life, and that the family is the child’s primary and most important teacher. Sunrise Preschools of Arizona is committed to building reciprocal relationships with our families who have entrusted their children to our care. Our job together is to support, educate and love each child as they develop the skills that will be needed as their life’s script unfolds.

Come in and tour one of our 18 state-of-the-art facilities, look around, and talk to our teachers and staff. See for yourself the benefits that Sunrise Preschools of Arizona has to offer your children and your family.

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