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Are you overwhelmed by the amount of Arizona day care centers to choose from? Well Sunrise Preschools can help you reach peace of mind by offering the high quality care and education for children. All 18 Sunrise Preschools locations are state-of-the-art facilities with bright and cheery classrooms and fun and safe playgrounds. These locations are conveniently located in each community that they serve. Sunrise Preschools, which has been serving Arizona children for over 28 years, has an excellent reputation for being the best of Arizona day care centers. We strive to provide exceptional care and education programs at reasonable rates.

Part of what makes Sunrise Preschools exceptional when compared to other Arizona day care centers is the fact that each Sunrise Preschools locations utilize The Creative Curriculum as the educational tool to develop a firm learning foundation for each child. The Creative Curriculum is backed by 75 years of intensive educational research that indicates that children learn best when their learning plans are created based upon their own unique interests and abilities. Sunrise Preschools rises raises the bar for other Arizona day care centers by using the concepts of The Creative Curriculum for all age groups in every classroom. The Creative Curriculum is nationally renowned as a cutting edge curriculum that produces excellent results. Children who learn under the philosophies of this curriculum are miles ahead of other students who use the standard, cookie-cutter educational programs.

Each Sunrise Preschools provides a team of experienced professionals at each their 18 locations. We believe that it is the people that make our locations exceptional. As opposed to instructors at other Arizona day care centers, Sunrise instructors not only meet the basic requirements of the state of Arizona, but they go above and beyond by pursuing further education. Many are enrolled in Early Childhood Education certificate programs, and many of the Sunrise Preschools staff members are even pursuing college degrees in this area of education. Additionally, the Sunrise staff members are offered further educational opportunities by attending the Sunrise University, which is an educational program that is sponsored by Sunrise Preschools. Here they not only strengthen their knowledge of the care and education of young children, but they also learn about educational strategies that are unique to the children of Sunrise Preschools. The staff of Sunrise Preschools has the reputation as the most knowledgeable professionals when compared to other Arizona day care centers.

Safety is the topmost concern of Sunrise Preschools. This is why each location uses Certified Mini-School Buses, which are much safer then vans, when transporting the children under their care. Additional safety precautions include code-key access doors and closed circuit television in each facility. Each Sunrise Preschools staff member is certified in First Aid and CPR.

We invite you to explore our website to find the Sunrise Preschools location in your community. Learn how Sunrise Preschools is by far the best choice among Arizona day care centers. Each Sunrise Preschools location is eager to provide you a personally guided tour of their facility.

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