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Searching for an Arizona Child Care Center?

Why choose just any Arizona child care center while your children can grow, discover, and LEARN at Sunrise Preschools of Arizona?

It can be difficult to find an Arizona child care center that meets the unique needs of your child. It is an important decision that can quickly become overwhelming. Sunrise Preschools would like to help you with this decision, and extinguish any worries you might have. There are many child care centers to choose from in Arizona. However, with our dedication to excellence Sunrise Preschools stands alone as the top choice for an Arizona child care center. Sunrise Preschools has been serving the families of Arizona since 1981. Sunrise Preschools is a home grown Arizona company that operates only in the state of Arizona.

Our teachers are the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals regarding the care and education of young children. The success of each child under our care and guidance points to the fact that we represent superiority in meeting the unique needs of each child.

Each of our 18 Arizona child care center locations are state-of-the art facilities that are conveniently located in their corresponding communities. We have locations in Tempe, Tolleson, South, North, and Central Phoenix, Scottsdale, Goodyear, Mesa, Peoria, Gilbert and Chandler Sunrise Preschools offers the highest quality of early childhood education and care for a fair price. Each of our facilities boasts of bright, colorful, and modern classrooms. Our fun and safe playgrounds are a perfect place for children to play and develop healthy and important social skills. Every Sunrise Preschools location is designed to provide the best opportunities for each child to develop intellectually and emotionally.

Every Arizona child care center owned and operated by Sunrise Preschools uses cutting edge educational programs that are based upon The Creative Curriculum. This outstanding educational tool provides each child with the best opportunity to learn at their own pace. It emphasizes that children learn best when they follow an educational program that meets their level of development. It uses the unique interests of each child to provide programs which promote the child’s full engagement in their own specific learning experience. The Creative Curriculum is the result of 75 impressive years of educational research. It is considered to be the best learning program to ensure school readiness.

Each Sunrise Preschool offers the best people with the best training. Arizona education agencies deem Sunrise Preschools as the best choice of high quality, innovative, and first-rate childhood care and education. The expertise of our teachers reflects their dedication to the care of children. Our teachers not only meet the Arizona requirements for early education and care, they are committed to furthering their levels of education. Many of our teachers are earning degrees or certificates in Early Childhood Education. They possess elite early childhood care and education skills.

Safety is the top priority at each Sunrise Preschools . We transport our children to and from their elementary schools in certified mini-school buses instead of vans. All of our teachers and staff are certified in CPR and First Aid. All of our facilities use code key access entry doors, and closed circuit televisions are present in every classroom.

If you need personal assistance call us at (480) 706-2500.

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