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About Sunrise Preschools

We Excel at Providing Quality Education and care in our Arizona Preschools.

Our Mission

About Sunrise Preschool of the Phoenix ValleySunrise Preschools mission is to partner with Arizona families in providing excellent, quality child care, and education. Sunrise maximizes the positive aspects of all children through creating an environment where differences are recognized, understood, appreciated and where all children are given an opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.


Sunrise is the leader in Arizona’s early childhood field.

Sunrise Preschools of Arizona Sunrise Preschools of Arizona provide a foundation for children to thrive and develop at their own pace. Through frequent teacher training and professional development, we have and continue to exceed the state educational standards for Arizona preschools. We implement continual curriculum and program improvements, and many of our schools are Nationally Accredited.

Since 1982, Sunrise Preschools have set the standard of excellence for care and education of Arizona’s children. To ensure that children come first our corporate staff is involved in regulation and early childhood education standards at the local and state levels. Sunrise Preschools has been voted one of the best places for Women to work in Arizona!

Sunrise Preschools only operates in Arizona

Our continued growth throughout the Valley is due to our strong commitment to the families of the Phoenix Metro and surrounding areas. Sunrise is building new Arizona preschools where high quality care and education are needed.